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Previously on at the Gallery – EXPRESSION Contemporary African Art

January 11th, 2020

An exhibition celebrating art, and in particular African Art, as a contributor to world unity, economy, culture and humanity. Humankind is known to have its earliest origin in Africa. Africans have since excelled in various art forms.  African art is known to have inspired international artists such as Modigliani, Picasso, Giacometti, Matisse, the Paris movement and many more; to this day African art remains intriguing, exotic and powerful.

Africa is blessed to have art as a vital force that positively enhances its image and adds to her GDP.  African artists were well respected in their communities and most had other occupations but evoke happiness and other emotions to their communities through their art.  Art uses were varied, from celebration of birth, life, death, religion, decoration, royal recording, documentation of important occasions etc.

We are delighted to collaborate with  Johfrim Art & Design to showcase modern-day African artists whose ancestors produced masterpieces on show in museums and important collections around the world.

Like their forefathers they are mostly influenced by nature, communities, spirituality, and life around them.  The world is more global, but our African artists are telling their stories through their art.  Their contribution is countering some of the accepted negative impressions of Africa.

EXPRESSIONS will run until 31st March 2020