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Robert Burns: A Window on Ukraine (April 17 to May 22)

April 11th, 2015

Olga Simak-The Ballerina Nebrat 6x4

Olga Simak-The Ballerina Nebrat 6x4Olga Simak-The Ballerina Nebrat 6x4

2010-83-19-Kyiv-Pieta-webOn holiday in Crete in 2006, a chance meeting by Robert Burns with three Ukrainians kindled an interest that has brought the Glasgow photographer back to that ravaged country again and again. Best known for his portraits and coverage of jazz festivals, Robert is internationally recognised as a printmaker for his ability to get the best results, not only from his own creations, but also from the negative of other celebrated photographers. For ‘A Window On Ukraine’, Robert’s extraordinary work demonstrates his keen interest and empathy for the plight of the ordinary people in Kiev and other nearby towns and cities. He has recorded the joys and sorrows of Ukrainian life, the weddings, the festivals, children at play and vibrant street life. Robert’s work is currently benefitting charities there, particularly aiding children in Eastern Ukraine, where the horrors of Chernobyl still affect life decades after that horrendous disaster, with civil war now bringing further grief to the country.